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Our affiliate Arizona Health Insurance, home owners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and Medicare supplement insurance agents license with many of the Insurance Companies in Arizona and all U.S. States. When you work with one of our Health & Medical Insurance affiliates they will provide the most affordable low cost health insurance or medical insurance plans for small business, self employed, families, individuals and groups.  Your needs and budget are a primary concern in choosing a quality health care plan. More importantly, you want a company that will be easy to work with when you have a claim. For  Health Insurance plans and HSA's (Health Savings Account) we make your search for affordable low cost health insurance easy.


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Arizona Health Insurance

Individuals, families, self employed and small business owners are having an increasingly difficult time finding health insurance.  Those with pre-existing medical conditions have even more difficulty. There are a multitude of companies offering health insurance in most states and people without serious pre-existing health conditions should be able to find a health insurance plan to suit their needs and budget.

Arizona Group Health Insurance

Arizona Group Health Insurance is for businesses with 2 or more employees, which can include the owner of the business.   Group health insurance is regulated by both the state and federal government. The HIPAA act of 1997 determines eligibility in some cases and provides rules for individuals leaving a group plan. The group plans usually have more benefits than an individual plan because of federal requirements established by ERISA and HIPAA laws.  As long as an employer meets the criteria required by the Arizona Health Insurance Company, they cannot be turned down for insurance nor can any of the employees be turned down.  Insurance companies can impose a pre-existing medical condition waiting period if the employee was without insurance for more than 63 days prior to enrolling or if the employee did not have insurance for an 18 month period prior to enrolling.

Individual Health Insurance Arizona

When an insurance carrier advertises that they have group like benefits, you should be very wary of the person presenting the plan.  Every plan may have some group like benefits such as doctor co-pays, however, individual plans seldom offer the benefits of a group plan. There are some important questions you should ask when purchasing Arizona Health Insurance for yourself, family or as a self employed individual.  You can see a list of these questions by clicking here. .  Companies can decline to insure you for individual health insurance in Arizona if you have pre-existing medical conditions and are not HIPAA eligible. There are state sponsored plans available to cover those who are declined. To help you find the best health insurance company check out the complaint ratio. Click here for the instruction sheet on "How to find an insurance company complaint ratio".

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Homeowners Insurance Arizona

If you own a home or rent an apartment you should have Arizona Home Owners Insurance. No one believes they will be struck by a tragedy but they still occur. You can go to our Homeowners Insurance page for Arizona and fill out the form for a quote from an agent near you.   

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Auto Insurance Arizona

Your Arizona auto insurance rates are determined by your age, vehicle make, model, safety features, insurance rating for the vehicle in accidents, your driving record and the mileage you drive. There are other factors that may be considered but the above are the most often used. 

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Life Insurance Arizona

Arizona Life Insurance is available as Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance. You can receive quotes for all three by going to our Life Insurance Arizona page and filling out the form.

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Long Term Care Insurance Arizona

Long Term Insurance is no longer just for Nursing Home Care. Because so many elderly want to remain at home, many of today's Long Term Care Insurance Plans cover a large portion of stay at home care.




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