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"Government produces nothing. It only takes from producers and gives to non-producers, losing half of it in the process." - Louis Isabell

The average government worker makes $120,000 per year in pay & benefits. The average private sector employee makes $60,000 per year in pay & benefits. They are expected to pay for the government worker.  Click here;

"Freedom is seldom lost all at once, it is lost in pieces over time..."

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Healthcare Market Resources Analyzes the Impact of Medical Review Mandate on Hospices

VA Wants to Move Healthcare Lawsuit to Supreme Court

Van Hollen Declares Federal Health Law 'Dead' in Wisconsin

Revere America Files Brief Attacking Health Law

Your Future Under Obamacare

Nine Things the States Can Do to Respond to Obamacare

Funding Fight Looms on Health and Finance Laws

NAIC Sends States Outline for Creating Health Exchanges

Aetna Accountable Care Organizations Proving That Improved Quality, Lower Costs Are Possible

Extreme Makeover for Healthcare in 2011?

Courts May Not Get Last Word in Reform Fight

You're the Boss: Sorting Out Health Costs

House Passes Bill Averting Cut in Medicare Reimbursements

Pondering Health Care

Waivers show proof of health overhaul flaws, opponents say

Employer Plans a Tax Target

New State-by-State Report: Employer Health Insurance Premiums Increased 41 Percent from 2003 to 2009; Deductibles Rose Nearly 80 Percent

Californians' Costs For Employer-Based Health Insurance Soar

Health Law Cut Some Health Costs in Retirement, But Retirees Will Need Big Savings

HMOs See Highest Rate Increases in Five Years

NAMIC Supports Repeal of New 1099 Filing Requirement

Health Law Faces Threat of Undercut From Courts

NAIC Committee Backs Flexible Framework for Health Exchanges

Insurance Industry's Lobbying Shift to HHS Threatens Consumer Protections, Says Group in Letter to Sebelius

CMS: Projected Medicare Expenditures under an Illustrative Scenario with Alternative Payment Updates to Medicare Providers

As Health Insurers Implement Reforms, the GOP Promises to Break Them Down

The National Healthcare Disaster

How National Healthcare Guts Medicare

National Healthcare Puts Most Health Insurance Agents Out Of Business

CBO - Obama Deficit $20 Trillion - 90% of GDP by 2020 - $170,000 per household - Click Here

The US is Bankrupt Under Obama and Dems

The Real Cost of Healthcare bill is $2.3 Trillion over 10 years - Paul Ryan

The Californization of Washington

Health Insurance premiums could increase 300% with Obamacare

Seniors Pay the Price for National Healthcare

Obama Supporter Warren Buffet says we should forget about 2000 pages of nonsense for Health Care and focus on Cost - CLICK HERE

What Canadians Want You to Know About Their Healthcare System

Introduction: "Oh. Canada?" - Meet the Canadians who have a warning for us.

"Medical Tourism" - Hear from Canadians so desperate for treatment they're leaving the country:

"Wait List Insurance" - See what happens when Canadians try to demand better service from their system:

"Canadian Doctor Lotteries" - Find out what Canadians need to do just to get a family physician:

"Breaking the Doctors" - Discover how rationing and shortages impose impossible burdens on Canadian doctors:

"Power Plays" - See how unions, politicians and bureaucrats take away choices from doctors and patients.


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